David Daka

David Daka
Assistant focal person for Wellness and HIV/AIDS Committee
MDI Alumni, 2009

The Management Development Institute (MDI) programme gave me the practical skills and knowledge I needed to become a more effective member of my team. I have developed a desire for learning about and promoting health services, as well as behaviour and social change in the workplace and the community. The training has enabled me to use local innovation to drive improvement and also to hone my skills in effective, transparent communication.

The programme gave me an opportunity to reflect on my personal leadership skills and also gave me a lasting set of skills. I am able to contribute more to my organisation and the Community without expecting much in return.

MDI opened the door into the future of my life and career. I am currently the team leader for Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) implementation in eight districts of Lusaka Province in Zambia. The programme enabled me develop skills in leadership which have assisted me in bringing change in my organisation and the community that I work with. I have been able to minimise the occurrence of problems and focus on the improvement of service delivery.

I have been able to implement my CHIP in the eight districts of Lusaka Province and I am now focusing on extending the CHIP concept to all Provinces of Zambia by 2017. This has greatly increased collaboration and partnership with other organisations in the healthcare business. MDI has equipped me with the right set of skills that help me run my professional life in a successful manner.

I always recommend and encourage my colleagues to apply for the MDI programme as it will make them great leaders. MDI equipped me with the confidence, knowledge and skills that I needed, and left me with memories and experiences that have made a lasting, positive impact.

I applaud the entire MDI team for the high-level training that has changed my mindset and moulded me into a confident leader in the field of health. I am very proud that I am a part of MDI Family.