Nancy Wagaca

Programme Manager
Wells of Hope - Kenya

Being an alumni of the Management Development Institute (MDI) programme has been of great significance in my career to date. From the outset it opened many doors. Although I am an accountant, I realised I had a passion for working with the community. This prompted me to look into avenues for further studies and I came to the conclusion that MDI was the perfect match for my objectives.

My time at the programme was a period of true advancement of my knowledge especially in the field of health, which I had never been exposed to before. It really gave me foundation skills in the practise of public health.

After noticing the needs of my community, I started medical camps. I am not a medic but I have been able to supervise a team that has brought great change in the community. After graduating, I had a successful transition into a health-related profession. Working as a Programme Manager, I’ve been able to effectively combine all the skills that I gained during my studies at the Management Development Institute.

MDI has equipped me with leadership skills that I did not have before, and which I now use to run the programme that I work with. It gave me skills on how to deal with problematic issues and the transformation is evident.

MDI develops participants, equips them with a range of skills and opens up new opportunities. It is definitely worthwhile. I am proud to have attended the programme and to be part of such an impressive family of MDI alumni.